I love year in reviews. Looking back at all the awesome (and not so awesome) things that happened in 2014. Some reviews are more elaborate than others, but they’re all worth a visit. And since it’s december and new reviews pop up on a daily basis, I’m collecting them in one place: here, #turf.

So off we go with year in reviews by:

  • Spotify: with your personal Top 100 of 2014 list.
  • Facebook: it’s all about video over here.
  • Twitter: hashtag everywhere, it was quite the year.
  • YouTube: obviously a year in review video.
  • Google Search: what we all have been looking for.
  • Tumblr: click galore, ‘cause so much happened.
  • TIME: they selected the Top 10 photos of the year.
  • Letterboxd: movies, movies and documentaries.
  • Bing: well, some people do search there.
  • Rdio: some more music.
  • Wunderlist: we’re getting productive, people.
  • Behance: visual eye candy of all sorts.
  • Wikipedia: what did we read/edit?
  • The Big Picture: you’ve guessed it, the year in big pictures.
  • Campaign Monitor: the 100 best e-mail campaigns.
  • Pop Danthology: for some dancing.
  • TED: the year in ideas, lots of talks.
  • Kickstarter: people helping people do amazing stuff.
  • Vice: (Dutch) year in review of things that did not happen <3

This list will keep on growing in the weeks to come, so do hit me up if you find any new ones.